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First I make you love me, then I make you do what I want.
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Hey losers,

It's tax time again and you know what that means? You should be spending any refund that Uncle Sam gave you on me. You losers are always begging me to update my wish list so I finally took the time to do so.

Now that I have, you better get to work paring that list down. My mailbox better be overflowing with very soon or I will not be very happy.

There is a wide assortment of items on there so even the most broke ass loser among you can afford to buy my attention. Of course, the more you spend on me, the more attention you will get from me. Duh!

Here are a few pictures for you guys to perv over as you get your credit cards out!

10th-Sep-2012 09:18 am - Updated wish list.
I updated my amazon.com wish list losers. Get on there and buy me something. You guys are such a waste of my time.
My wish list!
2nd-Mar-2012 12:55 am - New pet
I have another pet that I have added to my collection and his name is Weston.

He is in love with me and as such it was very easy to make him into my property.

I'm pretty sure he has had plenty of success in the girl department so it's not like he couldn't find a girl to date, but he knows that he will never ever find a girl as beautiful and as hot as me so why bother even trying to talk to those other girls.

He knows they will never get to my level.

He is very eager to please me, which I like very much and I can't wait to get to know him much much better and get inside his head so I can control him easier.

I plan on locking him up soon and holding the keys because I really don't think he should be able to get release unless it's under my supervision and I know he agrees.

Plus as girls, we all know that controlling where an when a boy can get release eventually turns them into our little p-whipped puppets, willing to say or do anything in order to end all of the frustration down there that we constantly cause them, lmao!!

I do enjoy being a girl and power it affords me.

And Wes, if you're reading this, mwah! I look forward to draining you very soon! <3

On another note, I have a few new videos up on youtube so check them out. You'll fall in love with me too, just like Weston has.

Ok, that's it for now.


Princess J
Don't have much time to talk here, you guys suck on LJ.

I had a little extra time to post some of my pictures from my Halloween weekend of partying. Enjoy losers & start buying me more stuff on Amazon you're pathetic & You guys mostly suck!

At this party I was a snow leopard...^

& I was a black kitty...with an awesome Hello Kitty back-pack...^

Sippen on a delicious Long Island...^

Fuck you!...^

My adorable Hello Kitty shirt...in my pj's ready for bed!...^

Well I hope you losers enjoyed my gorgeous princess pictures...now Go click on my amazon wishlist & buy me something nice.

-Princess J
3rd-Oct-2011 07:18 pm - Hey Losers!
I found some extra time in my day to make a new post....here's some new cute pictures for you guys, now I need you to start buying me stuff off my wishlist, most of you are doing a shitty job so far..

^Nice view of my backside & tattoo =]

Hello kitty, meow.

Naughty Secretary
11th-Sep-2011 11:29 am - I'm a Goddess.
Hey Princess Jamu here. I wanted to post since I haven't in so long, I am a very busy princess.
Happy 9/11 everyone. I will never forget the day the towers went down. RIP to all our fallen soldiers & other people present when the planes crashed into the towers.

Anyways, on to more important things, I want a MACBOOK PRO really bad & a white fluffy Pomeranian puppy...so slaves get on it losers, I have my wishlist posted on my Profile, start clicking & buying stuff for me :)

Fuck Off Losersssss haha ;*

<3 Princess Jamu

Pomeranian Puppy I want! ^

Newest pics of me.... <3

25th-Aug-2011 08:12 am - Used item for sale.
I get lots of requests asking if I sell my used items and the answer is now yes!

So if you want find yet another way to worship me, click the link and start bidding losers.

Make Princess happy.

Buy my used dancer outfit!
21st-Jul-2011 04:39 pm - Losers, get on your game.

I see plenty of you trying to add me to your friends list but almost ZERO effort on your part in trying to make me happy.

You fags need to step up your game and start buying me things that I want or risk losing access to this journal all together.

Get buying pigs!

Princess J
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