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First I make you love me, then I make you do what I want.
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9th-Jul-2011 09:26 pm - Hey losers

Losers, you need to get on your game and start buying me some more presents.

It's obvious I am the most beautiful girl you will ever see so all you dorks needs to head over to my wish list, sort by priority high to low and start clicking the buy button. Meow!!!!!

Whichever one of you losers buys me the MacBook will get access to my chat accounts and I might even call you and tell you how pathetic you are for buying a laptop for a girl you will NEVER have, lmao!

Which one of you is the most pathetic?

Later fags.

Princess J
If your one of the losers who has messaged me and hasn't bought me something yet or worse, added me as a friend and still haven't paid tribute then you're even stupider than I thought you were, and I think all boys are pretty stupid.

Just as an FYI, this journal will eventually become friends only and currently none of you has earned that right. You may have added me, but I haven't added you and there is only one way to get on my friends list. PAY ME!

I partied all night and I'm going to bed, but you need to get up and go to work to make me $$$.

Tribute me. Now!

Alert Pay Links:

($5) Broke Losers - You still live at home and have like a billion comic books. Stop buying comic books and start spending your money on me. I deserve it!
($25) Basic Losers - You're not broke but you're still not impressing me either.
($50) Pathetic - This might start to get you noticed.
($100) Dorks - You're still a pathetic loser but at least you're smart enough to know I deserve at least this much.
($250) Addicted Puppet - This is where I where I really start to notice you, lol.
($500) Princess J Addict - You're addicted to me, you're mine and you will do whatever I want. Lucky you.

Here is what I wore last night while partying.

Dream on and drool about this fucktards.

Best part is neither I or the guy I was with had to pay for a single drink ALL NIGHT, lmao!!

I made whatever guy who offered to buy me a drink, and that was ALL OF THEM, buy me AND my guy a drink. Suckers!

Later losers!

Hey fucktards,

First off I am VERY disappointed that not ONE of you fags has successfully completed the task I set forth in my last journal entry.

I know you fuckers are pathetic but that is beyond ridiculous, lmao!

Perhaps my message is not clearly getting through. You exist to serve me, to make me happy and you will become addicted to my control and manipulation over you, I promise you that.

It's best just to give in to that truth right now and begin to live out the rest of your life as my puppet.

That assignment still stands and the first loser to complete it will find themselves in a very enviable position indeed.

But NOW on top of that, I have another one for you.

This one gets you no special video, but it will go a long in way in proving your devotion and addiction to me.

I may be nice and the first loser who completes it will get a mention in my blog, but I doubt it.

I am giving each of you a writing assignment.

First, I want you to go to your nearest store and buy two things:

1. The girliest notebook that you can find. (I want pictures. The cuter/sissier the better.) Extra points for a Hello Kitty theme. <3

2. An assortment of colored pens in pink, purple and red and green (my favorite color.)

When you get back to your moms basement I want you write the following sentence 500 times.

"Princess Jamu owns me. I am her bitch, her property and I will always do everything she tells me to."

Pay attention because this next part because it is IMPORTANT retards.

Each sentence must be written exactly like that, no spelling errors or mistakes and if there are any you must start all over again.

But more importantly each line must be written in all four colors broken down as follows:

IN PINK: Princess Jamu owns me.
IN PURPLE: I am her bitch, her property and
IN RED: I will always do
IN GREEN: everything she tells me to.

Then I want you to send me pictures of the notebook and your work. To the luckiest one, I will let you mail me your final presentation and I will post it on my journal for everyone to see and know what a total dork you are although I am bet everybody you know already is aware of that fact, lol.

Pretty simple even for you tards.

I want this done and I want it done now! Prove to me you are my biggest online bitch.

And speaking of online bitches, I often get asked if I would allow any of you losers to serve me real time or if I currently have any real time bitches.

The answer to the first question is probably not, lmao! There is no way I would want to see any of you pathetic losers in person.

You would really need to impress me ($$$$$$) in order to even be considered to meet me in person and so far not a single one has done anything for me to even notice you, though that's usually the case anyways.

The answer to the second question is yes. I have had real time bitches in the past and I currently have one that serves as my full-time bitch.

My bitches name is Fifi and she does everything I tell her to without question. FYI, to everyone else she knows, Fifi is a boy but she honestly makes a pretty pathetic boy even by my low opinion of all of you and obviously an even more pathetic version of a girl. Since every girl is superior to every boy who has ever existed she should consider herself even lucky at all that I treat her as such, lmao.

Plus as I continue to call her that name over and over it it my way of conditioning her to eventually be whatever it is I want her to be and it keeps her hopelessly pathetic for me.

I am thinking of making her start a journal here to detail all of the ways I let her serve me, I don't know, we'll see.

But I myself have no problems detailing all of the ways I make her serve me doing all sorts of silly and humiliating things just to make me laugh, LOL.

But you're not getting any more out of me right now.

I want to see some effort on your part losers. Maybe all of you are just too scared because you know that once I have you, you will NEVER be able to escape me. You will be owned by me completely and forever and you will love it.

You wish I was sincerely yours,

Princess Jamu.

Hey tards,

I've decided to set out giving my first task to determine who amongst all you losers can prove themselves the most dedicated to me and the one who completes it first will get a very special gift from me. Keep reading fags.

This is what I want you to do.

1. Buy me something from my wish list. The more expensive, the more impressed I will be. Link => Buy me stuff! <3

2. Send a tribute to my alertpay account which can be found in the previous journal entry.

3. Create a new livejournal account using a creative name that signifies that you are owned by me and send me a friend request. You MUST modify this account to include a Hello Kitty theme. I <3 Hello Kitty and you had better love her as well.

You will immediately post at least one journal entry detailing how much you worship and adore me and furthermore will be required to post an entry at least once a week thereafter letting everybody know that I own you and how much you worship me. The more creative your entries, the more you will get noticed by me.

You will also send me the username and password for this new account because I will be in control of everything about it.

Which reminds me, when I eventually own you, and I will, you will be required to provide me with the username and passwords to all of your social media accounts (facebook, myspace lol, youtube, livejournal, etc.) so that I can always keep constant tabs on what you are up to. When I tell you that I own you, that means I own everything about you. Got it fucktards?

4. Both on youtube and livejournal you will be required to recruit at minimum 2 other losers to serve and worship me. They must message me telling me you recruited them. The more you recruit into Princess Jamu's army, the more you get noticed. You sensing a theme here retards?

The first loser to do all of these things to my satisfaction will have the honor of being humiliated by me in a youtube video where I will ever say your name. Lucky you.

Here is a link to my youtube channel. No video's yet, maybe you'll be the lucky first. Princess J Owns You

Pretty simple task, eh dum-dums?

Oh and when you buy me something from my wish list and pay a tribute you need to tell me your name so I know who was a good boy.

Ok, I know you are all eager to please me so be a good little puppy now and fetch!

Buy me stuff! <3
If there is one thing I have learned as the most beautiful girl in the whole world it's that you boys are all the same in one regard.

You see a pretty girl like me and your pea-sized brain turns to absolute mush and you really lose all ability to think and reason properly (even more so than usual, lol.)

Trust me, I know you're reading these words and looking at my pictures and you feel your ability to resist what I want you to do slip away which is exactly what I want. :P

I know I am not the first girl you have ever fallen head over heels for but after about 5 minutes of talking to me I most certainly will be the last.

Once I have you, you will never think about another girl like you do about me ever again. It happens every time.

You'll have perpetual butterflies in your stomach and you'll lose sleep at night lying awake just thinking about me.

Eventually you'll risk anything and everything just to make me happy even though I barely acknowledge you at all.

I know this because every guy I have ever met tells me this. They have no problems admitting to me that they are pathetic and hopeless for me and I promise you that you will be to.

As the most beautiful girl in the world I have always found it easily to manipulate and control anyone I want, including girls.

Ever since I was a little girl I knew that all I had to do was nothing more than sigh and instantly everybody in the room was focused on me and making me happy and giving me anything I wanted.

One smile and the hearts of all who could see it melted and it's as if their minds became completely open to suggestion.

A simple giggle and I knew I could make anybody do anything I wanted and I did. I still do, lol.

Whoever it was I had them wrapped around my finger and obeying me like they were my little puppy. When I was older and more aware of my power I used to play fetch with whoever was lucky enough to be my boyfriend at the time.

I would throw one of my things across the room and say "fetch!" and immediately he was up fetching, lmao! And I'd do it over and over and he fetched it every time. Good puppy!

Boys are so silly and willing to do anything for a beautiful girl, so I make them.

The best part about being the most beautiful girl in the world is boys are so desperate for my adoration and attention they will do anything to get it. The worse I treat you the harder try and please me. I love it.

I have lots of stories about the ways I have used and manipulated boys just like you both in the past and to this day. But you're going to have to earn them, and I know you want to.

For now I guess I will just finish this off with a way for you losers to tribute me and define the various levels of loserdom that I feel exist.

And remember Princess Jamu is always right.

($5) Broke Losers - You still live at home and have like a billion comic books. Stop buying comic books and start spending your money on me. I deserve it!
($25) Basic Losers - You're not broke but you're still not impressing me either.
($50) Pathetic - This might start to get you noticed.
($100) Dorks - You're still a pathetic loser but at least you're smart enough to know I deserve at least this much.
($250) Addicted Puppet - This is where I where I really start to notice you, lol.
($500) Princess J Addict - You're addicted to me, you're mine and you will do whatever I want. Lucky you.

Of course on top of this you should always buy me stuff! <3

You have your orders now puppy. Fetch!
Hey losers,

Just to show you that I am not completely without kindness check out these two pictures of me, proof that I am who I say I am should there be any doubt.

Am I the most beautiful girl you have ever seen?  Yep.

The truth is I LOVE to take pictures of myself,  Lots of pictures.

When you look like me, who wouldn't take lots of pictures of themselves? 

My camera is so lucky. And so are you dorks. 

I'm not averse to posting a lot of the pictures I take of myself on this journal but you're going to have to earn them.

Buy me stuff! <3

Later dorks.
Hey losers, my name is Princess Jamu.  You should appreciate the fact that I took time out my day to write this because I really have better things to do.

Make sure you remember everything I say because I am only going say it once.

My first post to you retards is my list of rules for you to follow.  If you want to worship me, you have to follow each and every one of them.


1. Do not tell me what to do.
2. Don't yell at me or talk down to me.
3. Do not rush me, I like to take my time.
4. Do not ignore me, I should be the most important person to you. I should even come before your own family and friends.
5. There is only one Princess in the world and that's me, all the other girls are lying.
6. I am not a fan of black people, but doesn't mean you can't worship me, it just means I will treat you even worse than the other losers.
7. I am the smartest person you will ever know.
8. My birthday, January 31st should be a national holiday and any loser I let serve me should treat it as such and send me lot's of presents.  Even more so than usual retards.
9. I am always right so make sure you are listening to me when I am talking.
10. Whenever speaking or talking to me always address my as Princess or Your Highness.
11. If you wish to speak to me online, you will not do so without first buying something off of my wish list. The more you buy me the more you will get to communicate with me.
12.  I have a cat and she is also a Princess so losers who treat her as such will win extra favor from me.

I plan on having an ebanned account (lucky you), a niteflirt line and a clips4sale in the very near future so be on the lookout for that.

For now, here is a link to my wish list. Get buying fucktards.

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